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"Innovative products to improve social communication"

Our Story

The Story Behind Beyond Social Skills 

Lani Popp

Lani brings over 29 years of experience working with students to the Beyond Social Skills team. She has practiced as a speech language pathologist in the clinical, private school, and public school settings. She specializes in working with students with autism spectrum disorder and has been collaboratively running social skills groups with special education teachers for over 13 years.


Victoria Sills

For over 26 years, Victoria has been working with children as a general education teacher, special education teacher, and most recently as a school counselor. For 20 years, Victoria was a teacher in elementary school and middle school with children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, social communication disorder, learning disabilities, and a variety of mental illnesses.


Together, When Lani and Victoria began teaching a collaborative social skills program, they tried several social skills curriculums but could not find one that met their needs within the school setting. Lani and Victoria developed their own lessons and activities based on the needs of their students and their broadened understanding of the components of social communication. Using their own program within a collaborative social skills class, they began to see tremendous growth in their students. The Beyond Social Skills programs and curriculum combine extensive experience working with students, industry research, and a comprehensive view of social communication to creative a program that works within the parameters of the public school setting and delivers lasting change in students’ lives.

Lani and Victoria add value through endless research and education on social communication. They stay current in their fields and understand that the knowledge of social communication and autism is ever-changing. They will never stop being students themselves!


Lani and Victoria have presented on social communication assessment and treatment at state, regional, and national conferences. They have shared their knowledge about designing social skills groups within the social communication model with hundreds of educators, specialists, and parents.


Now they are broadening their reach and sharing their time-tested programs and curriculum so you too can give your students the tools they need to be socially successful in life.

Terrific Tools to Improve Social Communication Skills

​Our activities and curriculum give students the tools they need to be socially successful in life

Directions are easy to read and understand for quick implementation

Materials have been successfully implemented and tested in a school-based setting over many years

Our products work to improve the way our students think which will lead to the way they act

Designed for use in schools by special education teachers, speech-language pathologist, and school counselors, AND easily implemented in a clinic setting

Are you in need of social communication training or a speaker for an upcoming workshop? Click here to learn more about our offerings and experience. 

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