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Speaking Engagements

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Are you looking to expand your social skills assessment and treatment knowledge with social communication training that encompasses more than basic social skills and considers domains such as executive functioning that have a direct impact of behavior?


Together, Lani Popp and Victoria Sills bring over 55 years of combined experience, their passion for affecting lasting change in student’s lives, and their extensive knowledge about social communication to their speaking engagements. They love to educate and interact with teachers, speech therapists, special education staff, school counselors and anyone interested in supporting students with these essential life skills.

Lani and Victoria add value through endless research and education on social communication. They stay current in their fields and understand that the knowledge of social communication and autism is ever-changing. They will never stop being students themselves!


Lani and Victoria have presented on social communication assessment and treatment at state, regional, and national conferences. They have shared their knowledge about designing social skills groups within the social communication model with hundreds of educators, specialists, and parents.


Whether it be staff development, local or state conferences, parent training workshops, or continuing education conferences, Lani and Victoria will provide you a full-day workshop, half-day workshop, keynote, or break-out session.

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